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India has one of the largest railways across the world, which has been successful in connecting over 100 billion people of the country with ease. To manage such a dense network of railway spread across a big nation; each train has been instructed to strictly follow a specific schedule. This schedule is prepared based on the time the train would take to reach different stations and the routes it would cover within the specified railway’s zones. Proper selection of train by knowing its routes and the time schedule will help you to reach your destination quickly and save your journey time.

How to check train schedule?

If you want to find out the routes or the complete schedule of a particular train, then you can search the details of a specific train by its name or by its number. Inserting appropriate train name or number and clicking on the "Search Train Route" button will display all the details of that train on your device’s screen. Besides train schedule; you will get to know on which station it halts and for how much time.

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