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IRCTC Magic Autofill

Indian railway being the comfortable and economical means of transport for most of the Indian population, getting a confirmed reservation seems to be like an achievement for several people. But it is not as difficult as it looks like, with the advent of the information technology that gave birth to the internet, booking tickets is made easier.


Passengers who used to travel on urgent basis may definitely aware tatkal ticket and how quickly it got reserved. If you don't know about it then allow me to explain; it's same as e ticket and window ticket but it is booked 24 hours before the journey date. At a time of summer or winter vacation it is too difficult to get confirm tatkal ticket as all the train ticket gets reserved within 1 or 2 minute.


Keeping all these aspects in mind; me and team member decides to eradicate the hassle of booking ticket. After several months of hard work; my team has come up with an online form called the "IRCTC magic autofill" which allows passengers a new and quickest way to book tatkal tickets online without any hassles. The following form will open a new horizon to get confirmed tatkal tickets.


How IRCTC Magic Autofill works:


o Fill in all the details as asked in the above boxes; make sure there aren't any mistakes.


o Cross-check all the details again and again, and after confirming the details, click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button and wait for the results.


o As soon as you hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, you will find a button with the name of "Magic Autofill" appearing on the right hand side of this button.


o Once you spotted the button, drag it to your bookmark toolbar.


o Whenever you fill tatkal ticket details; all you need to do is click on the "magic autofill" button present in the bookmark toolbar bar to fill in all the details instantly before time runs out.


Adult Passenger Details


Enter details of the adult passengers for whom train ticket will be issued.


 No.   Name Age Sex Berth Preference ID Card Type ID Card No Food Senior


Child Passenger Details


Enter details of the children below 5 years for whom train ticket won't issued.


 No.   Name Age Sex


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