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Indian railway is popularly known as Lifeline of India. However, understanding the train name and number of Indian Railway has always been a bit complicated thing to do. Many-a-times, misconception arises due to lack of proper knowledge about the train name and its number. For instance, Sinhagad Express runs between Mumbai-Pune. The train departs from Pune at 6:05 am and arrives Mumbai at 9:55 am. On the same day, it departs from Mumbai at 2:30 pm and arrives Pune at 6:40 pm. The train number while traveling from Pune-Mumbai is 11010, and the train number traveling from Mumbai-Pune is 11009. So, having knowledge of train name and its number are equally important. It helps you avoid any kind of confusion and makes your journey hassle-free.

How to check train number and name?

To know about different train numbers, you can select Train Number by Name option. Now, enter the name of the train and click the "Get Train Number" button to know the number of that train. Similarly, you can know the Train Name by selecting Train Name by Number option and inserting train number. In addition to the train name and number, the information about that train with the classes of coaches available gets displayed on your screen.

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